We are an international Association of women speakers.

This is a unique community that provides opportunities to exchange experience, improve skills, gain valuable knowledge, get support from like-minded people, and enter the international arena.

We develop each expert and strive to make each one a leader in their field. In our community, you will always find the support of colleagues, additional education and the opportunity to develop.

The FWA speaker Academy is your best chance to get the skills you need, improve your strengths, and become the # 1 in your field on the international market!



All graduates receive a certificate of compliance with the Swiss quality standards IWSA. We support you throughout the certification process. We will help you pass an interview, test to confirm your qualifications, fill out all the necessary documents - this will lead to the fact that you can easily get a certificate! Don't worry, the 12 free courses you will take every month will provide you with enough knowledge to prove your professionalism.


The certificate will help you:

  • To improve your expertise and level of prestige.
  • To reach a new level in business.
  • To increase profits.
  • To attend the international annual meeting in Switzerland.
  • To perform at the best venues and publish in the media.
  • To improve your brand.