Selection of speakers

Good speakers at the event allow the company to attract the target audience and create a certain feature of the event. They can conduct motivational speeches, seminars, trainings, and master classes. The audience is much more receptive to information when it comes from opinion leaders.

You have an event and you would like to invite a well-known speaker, but he does not respond to your messages? Leave it to us: we will find the best speaker in your industry, negotiate with them on favorable terms, and control the process of preparing for the performance. With us, the situation when the star of the evening does not come is simply impossible. We have a huge database of speakers from different industries, which is updated daily. Among them are popular journalists, media personalities, athletes, scientists and successful businessmen. We only provide professional speakers who will complete all the tasks set.

Organization of conferences

If you are waiting for an important conference, but you do not have time to do everything by yourself or are afraid to miss something, contact us - we will do everything “turnkey".

We will help you:

  • Plan an event and its program
  • Develop the most profitable estimate
  • Identify your target audience, inform them, and send out invitations
  • To ensure publication in the media and other public relations activities for the event
  • Choose and rent a venue for an event
  • Choose the design of the site
  •  Organize catering at the event
  • Provide logistical support
  • Prepare handouts and souvenirs
  • Organize an entertainment program of the event: animators, concerts, round tables, seminars, etc.
  • Analyze the results of the conference


If your company wants to organize its own forum, conference or exhibition, but you don't know where to start or are afraid to miss something…

If your marketing manager has too many tasks related to holding events…

If you put all your energy into organizing an event, but in the end everything goes wrong…

If you want to attract quality speakers to your presentations...

We can help you with this! The event will be held at the highest level. Don't worry about selecting speakers anymore - we have a huge database.

Partnership with us is the key to success!