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Create your perfect client! You will understand which people need your product and who can be your potential customer. Learn how to form bright appeals and learn what to do with negative comments.

One of the most important marketing tasks is segmentation of the market where the company plans to operate. Sometimes it seems that the target audience of a product is obvious. However, there are still people who don’t seem to be obvious consumers. And you also need to work with them! We will teach you how to find the most unusual potential buyers, because if you try to influence only the obvious group, you can miss up to 50% of the profit.

A different approach is required for each group of stakeholders found. Do you know how advertising campaigns for married women aged 30 and 35 will differ? Do you know how to rely not only on such banal criteria as age, gender, and hobbies, but also find out “of the box” ways to influence them? We will lay bare all the secrets of attracting an audience.

However, even the most ideal product has negative reviews. You need to be able to turn even the worst feedbacks into positive ones and be able to work with the company’s brand. Black PR is not always good PR, but it can be used. We will tell you how to make your brand unsinkable, even if competitors attack with fake buyers!

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